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The Art of Growing Older

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by Kat Lindsay

Today I turned 36. Yes, I know that’s not “old,” but I used to think that 30 was ooollllddd. The older I get the farther away “old” gets. Now I see that “old” is really a state of mind. I know some really old-fashioned 20-year-olds and some very young-at-heart 70-year-olds. My grandmother DD said that 72 was the prime of her life. We are ageless beings after all. Yes, our bodies have been around for a certain number of turns around the sun, but our souls—who we really are—are infinite and ageless.

Birthdays as Portals

Last year was the first year I realized that my actual birthday (mine is today, January 19th) is a portal that connects me with the wisdom and knowingness that I came to this earth carrying (and the same is true for you). Now, bear with me, as this is about to get a little woo-woo. Just like when I was born and I received my “star medicine” on every single birthday, that pathway to remember my star medicine re-opens, and my feelings and senses are heightened–if I’m open to the experience (and remember, the same is true for you). In past years I have just felt an intensity of emotional energy. Not knowing how to process all of this energy, I often spent my birthday feeling depressed or sad. Now I’m learning how to channel it and use it to grow.

Birthdays as Sacred

This year I’m treating my birthday as sacred. In other words, I’m ritualizing it. Instead of it just being another day, I’m protecting the holiness of the day, so that I can receive the star medicine from my birthday portal. This isn’t just non-sense hoopla from a Star Trek rerun, this is the real deal, people. I’m telling you. You’ll soon see what I’m talking about. It doesn’t take money or a ton of creativity to make your birthday sacred. It does take a little bit of forethought and planning. If I can do it, so can you!

How Am I Ritualizing My Birthday?

  • I took the day off from work.
  • I started the day with lighting a candle and saying prayers of gratitude for my life.
  • I made little/no plans and am going with the flow of the day.
  • I brought a sketchpad and colored pencils to a coffee shop, to reflect on the past year, the themes and patterns that emerged, and draw out this year’s intentions.
  • I looked at myself in the mirror and said to myself, “You are strong. You are beautiful. You are here to be a beacon of light. You are calm. You are graceful. You are wise. You are worthy of love.”…and I believed my own words.
  • I will make a wish, blow out my candles and say thank you for being alive in this amazing, transformative time that we live in.

Ritualizing and Sparklizing Life

Ritualizing life is all about shifting my mindset from mundane to magical. Ritual makes the mundane come alive. (For more about ritual and creating your own family rituals, watch our Wild Family TV Episode #14).

I can wash the dishes with the mindset that it’s boring and I have to do it. Or, I can wash the dishes, imagining the water is love, and that love is pouring out of the sink in my own house, over my hands and onto every single dish, fork, and spoon. Who wouldn’t want to have love pouring all over their hands?! I can do the laundry with an annoyance, wanting to get done as soon as possible. Or I can do the laundry, imagining that with every shirt I hang or towel I fold my whole body becomes more filled with light and life.

I think people become “old” when they stop seeing life as magical. When they stop imagining and sparklizing their lives with love. I hope that I will never feel “old,” no matter how wrinkled my body becomes. I hope that no matter what life brings to my door, that I can be a calm, delighted, inspired, curious, heart-centered, grounded, joyful, loving person.

Today I celebrate that I am an eternal being. I celebrate that 36 years ago my mother gave birth to me, and that my father was the second person to hold me. I celebrate that I have health, wealth, wisdom, and so much love in my life. I celebrate the life I have now and all the wondrous possibilities that life brings to me each and every day.

Kat Lindsay and the You Make My Heart Sing street art mural at Threadgill's in Austin, Texas

Thank you for reading this. Thank you for being in my life, and a force of good in this world. I look forward to celebrating with you and becoming more and more sparkly as we age–together.

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