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Cabe Lindsay – Manager of Austin Media with a Global Reach

I am Cabe Lindsay, M.A., working as the production manager of ARISE Video Studio. I also produce the Wild Family TV show and a wide array of marketing projects. My versatility and natural ability in media arts is a rare find. Specialty areas include videos, websites, and integrated marketing campaigns, all with resounding high quality. People say working with me is “Pure joy!”

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Portfolio Outline

Here’s What You’re Seeing In The Video Above (In Order Of Appearance):

Video Production

My video reel is rich in artistry and emotional appeal. I specialize in stories that strum the heartstrings. Here, you’ll see a range of videos that uplift and inspire, from intimate wedding films to instructional videos with a global reach. You’ll see a high level of sophistication in every element, from camera work to motion graphics. My experience in movie-making includes short films and full-length features, with a specialty in documentary portraits. Corporate videos under my direction include movies for the purposes of communication, education, and promotion.

Family-Focused Films & Photography

A good example of my camera work is the documentary portrait of an Austin Quinceañera. This event is one of the most important celebrations in Mexican culture, I’m told, bringing out the traditions. The ceremony began at Our Lady of Guadalupe catholic church, and then continued via party bus by Aria Limos, leading to a barefoot visit to the Castle Hill mural site with walls overlooking the Texas State Capitol. Over 300 guests brought their gifts and kids to the reception hall, where the birthday girl and her friends entertained the crowd with choreographed dances.

Video Interviews

At Wild Family Studio, our videos often blend in-depth interviews with candid clips. In this way, we share the stories of the people behind the businesses. Documentary portraits like these give audiences a sense of connection and familiarity, along with valuable information that can support their buying behaviors. These marketing videos are ideal for services such as healthcare, e.g. PK Acupuncture & Wellness Center; restaurants, e.g. Apis Restaurant; fitness, e.g. Yogapeutics and Yoga Illumined; education, e.g. Whole Life Learning Center… These are a few of the businesses we work with. Websites, fundraisers, and social media marketing are a few examples of areas where our professional video services stand out.  

Get Layered

Wild Family Studio worked with the world’s greatest yogurt company, Stonyfield, to promote their Oh My Yog! yogurt brand. We produced highly conceptual videos, with the idea of layering video clips in order to highlight a key attribute of the uniquely trilayerd yogurt. See Stonyfield Spoons, for example. For this project, we provided event coverage and video editing for a commercial video and photo package, sharing the stories of Stonyfield’s art installations at the SXSW Festival of 2015. The first project was a collaboration with the “candy-colored minimalist,” Matt Crump, who created and installed giant spoons around Austin and built the world’s first mural made entirely out of spoons. The second was a showcase of muralists from the Austin artist’s collective, SprATX.

Parenting Essentials

World-renowned parenting coach, Carrie Contey, Ph.D. created a 12-week online course, called Parenting Essentials. This course includes a collection of 24 educational videos filmed by Wild Family Studio. Here’s One Example. We also had the pleasure of working with Carrie as a thought-leader in our feature-length documentary, Wild Family. See also our video interview with Carrie, called Inner Knowing.

A Movie Series About Startups

The Parent Entrepreneurs movie series is a collection of original videos, blending business promotion with family philosophy. To launch this project, we created a superb fundraising campaign, including an awesome Kickstarter Video. The project went unfunded, but it brought an enthusiastic audience response to our fledgling video studio, and it helped us immensely as a family-owned business. Each episode stands alone as a compelling look into local businesses here in Austin, Texas, and together these episodes share a singular story about the trials and triumphs in entrepreneurship. See the first three episodes: Texas Medicinals, Whole Life Learning, and Kuhdooin’ It.

A Film About Family Life

Our debut feature film, Wild Family, demonstrates the ways parents today are building relationships with their kids, bringing passion and presence into family life. Wild Family is educational and entertaining, blending in-depth interviews with candid footage of 40 families in their natural settings, showcasing a broad range of conscious parenting possibilities. This film is a current candidate for the Sundance and Big Sky film festivals. Preview The Wild Family Film.

Wedding Videography

Wedding films are some of our favorite projects. Check out the love story of Brandon Lopez and Megan Bain, married on November 15, 2014. They tied the knot at the charming Lone Oak Barn in Round Rock, Texas, just outside Austin. See the Lopez Wedding Film, for starters. And we’re still celebrating the fabulous marriage of Nicole Shostak and Kayvon Sabourian, which took place August 30, 2014. This wedding featured music performed by violinist John Moon, drummer/vocalist Mohammad Firoozi, and the Austin funk band, KP and the Boom Boom. See Marriage Vows And Wows.

Om The Dome

We worked with a crew of Austin’s brightest camera operators to cover the world’s largest group meditation and sound bath in a government building. “Om the Dome” is an annual event in Austin, Texas, taking place at the State Capitol, in honor of International Peace Day. This event started in Austin, is now synchronized with 2,000 cities around the world.

Website Design

My early interest in web design helped me to work my way up to a marketing director position by age 25. In this role, I built a corporate website of 200+ pages, rich with animated videos and a library of interactive tutorials. This website and other campaigns of my design enabled our fledgling software firm to rise as an outstanding player in the GIS industry, leading to a successful merger with the Fortune 500 company, Textron. My websites today are similarly prominent and profitable. I designed and developed the websites for local restaurants, e.g. Mighty Fine, ad agencies, e.g. i2i Group, and non-profits, e.g. AVANCE. My websites are high-quality and long-lasting. I designed the ultra-simple personal blog for Mike “Truth” Johnston and the ultra-clean healthcare website for Carle Spine Institute, unchanged after seven years.

Creative Campus & Movie Studios

The Backyard is a Texas Hill Country haven for film and television production, billed as the largest and most technologically advanced center of its kind outside of Los Angeles. The Backyard campus and studios are co-located in the Austin, Texas metropolitan area, 20-minutes from downtown. Long before the launch of this project, I and my team built a cutting-edge video-rich website to promote the endeavor: Throughout multiple phases of this commercial real estate project, I managed large-scale email campaigns and interactive PDF flyers, leading these campaigns as the art director of the Austin ad agency, Watershed 5.

Austin’s Original Hand-Formed Burgery

Check out the Mighty Fine Website, a fantastically responsive modern website, adjusting to fit any viewing screen, from desktop computers to mobile devices. The Mighty Fine restaurant grew “burger than ever” when I joined the team, as the art director of the Austin ad agency, Watershed 5. Together, my team and I launched large-scale video campaigns, animated cartoons, a T-shirt gatling gun, and a “gorilla marketer” to manage the monkey business at Texas Football® games. Our video campaigns included animation, e.g. Smear The Burger, and motion graphics, e.g. Texas Hospitality. Additional integrated marketing campaigns included T-shirt designs, truckside signs, trading cards, billboards, storefront displays, motion graphics, a strategic marketing guide for social media, brand logo design…

Brand Development

A brand is a collection of feelings, often associated with an emotional benefit such as youthfulness or luxury. People find pride in family crests, and they find patriotism in flags. Sports teams rely on logos as rallying symbols of who they are. Brands stand for something desirable by distinguishing one product or service from another through a name, tagline, colors, sounds, and other elements. Understanding the importance of emotional appeal, my brand development process works by: (1) identifying the key emotional advantage; and (2) designing an identity to display this emotional advantage. Take a look at any of the brands I’ve developed, and I trust you’ll find the emotional advantage.

Making Movies. Growing With You.

The name of my family-owned video production studio is Wild Family, which is also the name of our debut documentary feature. “Wild Family” refers to the idea of relying on natural instincts in parenting, seeking inner guidance in order to navigate the hearts’ desires while helping the kids to do the same. Our company’s primary brand colors are green, pink, and gold. Green represents the nature scenes so prominent in our video work. Pink represents the children we work for, along with the passion and presence we bring to our work. Gold represents the richness of quality in all we create. The brand emblem is symbolic of the love that keeps us flying with creativity, the hands that create, and the adventure that is creation itself. We feel the Wild Family brand identity distinguishes us as a family-focused film studio, driven to make movies that help people grow.

Every Business Is A Sun

BusinessLive® is a marketing toolkit that enables businesses to engage audiences efficiently and affordably on websites, mobile devices, and social media platforms. For this product, I led a brand design campaign that included strategic planning, iconography, brand logo design, and user-interface design for social media accounts, along with the parent company’s website; see My team and I produced an Animated Graphic Video to introduce the tech startup company, InXero, and demonstrate the BusinessLive solution.

Growing And Tending To Music And Musicians

Guitarborist is a music school in Missoula, Montana. Services include guitar instruction, songwriting lessons, and music composition. I had the pleasure of designing and developing the Guitarborist website: I also designed the brand logo and brand emblem for business cards, plus a separate brand image for T-shirts.

Mighty Fine Merchandise

To me, this emblem for the Mighty Fine restaurant says all you need to know to love the brand: simple, fresh, genuine… playful. Perfect for the Austin audience, this restaurant is appropriately eclectic, especially when it comes to marketing. I remember introducing this design, and discussing whether or not the “MF” acronym would be offensive. I think we all agreed the potential offensiveness made it even more alluring, and of course it became a bestseller on Mighty Fine merchandise.


Two of my published books include a young adult fiction novel series and a creativity toolkit for artists. First, Wyld is the coming-of-age story of a student in a school of shamanic arts: SHIWA, the School of Human Interconnection With Animals. Second, Big Idea Patterns is a non-fiction guidebook filled with the research-based, artist-approved, time-tested, step-by-step processes—behavior patterns, techniques, and resources—belonging to every artist’s knowledge bank. For more information about these books, see Wyld and Big Idea Patterns.

Heaven Since 1837

La Grange is a jewel of a rural Texas town, rich in history. The city’s story is exciting, raw, tragic, romantic, artistic, rebellious, and more – all of which is material for a captivating brand. For the city’s branding campaign, I led the research, reporting, strategy, and design, as the art director of the Watershed 5 ad agency. We developed a collection of brand logos in to capture the full range of La Grange’s offerings: heritage, nature, and the feeling of paradise. Brand stories like these work by capturing the audience’s attention and inviting them to imagine experiences there.

The Bohemian Hills Of Texas

In support of the tourism industry in rural Fayette County, Texas, I led the research, reporting, strategy, and design of this brand campaign, as the art director of the Watershed 5 ad agency. This tourism initiative included a 134-page brand strategy and marketing plan, yielding an informed and insightful brand storybook. Here is an excerpt: “This is a Story set in the countryside, offering wide-open, scenic routes, with rural simplicity, beauty and tranquility. It’s a vibrant journey through Czech / German / European / Texas heritage via meticulously-preserved-yet-refreshed glimpses into the past: painted churches, town squares, monuments, dance halls, heritage centers, kolaches, and, most importantly, the values and relationships of the residents.”


My parents instilled an appreciation for the arts at an early age. The range of my creative expression today includes book publishing, street art, album cover artwork, product packaging, tattoos, T-shirt designs, billboard signs, and Paintings. Movie-making is a long-time passion of mine, and the quality of my work grows stronger all the time. I studied digital filmmaking in 2006, in pursuit of a Master of Arts degree at The University of Montana, where I recorded my first short films, e.g. Buzz Killer and promo videos, e.g. Open Field Artists. For fun, my family and I recorded Sword In A Stool. I produced an animated video game teaser for Dr. Algorithm and a stop-motion animated short film, Wild Goose Chase. My art film, Buffalo Spirit Walks With Us, serves as an intermission in the Wild Family film.


In the children’s book, Be Well Bee, a curiously furry honeybee realizes her destiny when she is called to carry pollen to a faraway lily. She’ll do everything in her power to pollinate the flower: dashing past frog tongues, zooming through lightning storms, and climbing a mountain on her way to heroism. The back-cover teaser text reads: “Every individual has a place of belonging in this world as well as a purpose in life, no matter how bzzzarre.” To build this book, I created a Kickstarter project, self-published it, and promoted it with an integrated marketing campaign, including a public book launch event, Promotional Website, and Promotional Video.

Take A Deeep Breath

This full-length album of original songs launched in 2009, with the help of audio engineer Nathan Zavalney. Songs range from simple folk tunes to textured soundscapes. The album is avant-garde because of its variety, and it is noteworthy because of its written content. For example, “A Diamond Met a Pearl” includes two stories sung simultaneously by two singers with overlapping vocals. Have a listen on, Spotify, and elsewhere. My Favorite tracks include: “She Opted For Scuba Diving” and “Travel In Your Mind To Mexico.”

Music Videos & Event Coverage

Music videos are an area of movie-making I’d love to explore more. In this area, I am most experienced in documentary short films, including rock shows, classical music recitals, unplugged acoustics sets by singer-songwriters, and other live concert performances, along with stage plays, comedy shows, and more. I aspire to create more narrative short films: integrating imagery, music, and storytelling. I am inspired to create films in imaginative ways that have never been seen before. Directors Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry are my main influences.

Art Films Starring Children

“Mini-Movies” are bite-sized offerings of our professional video service at Wild Family Studio. These are heartwarming art films starring children, preserving the golden moments of family life at a family-friendly price. This type of movie is described as an “intimate, impressionistic portrait,” ideal for documenting everyday family life, as well as birthdays, graduations, and special occasions. They make brilliant keepsakes.

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Resume and References

Key Strengths

As a media production manager, I oversee projects from beginning to end. My management work balances creativity with logic, blending humor and surprise with good common sense. In this way, I and my teams develop big ideas. My strengths include leadership skills, with the ability to teach others and lead by example. My primary area of passion is videography. Being an award-winning movie maker, my strengths include the start-to-finish video production of movies with emotional appeal, bright in cinematography and storytelling.

Professional Experience

Production Manager – Arise Video Studio | Austin, TX | 6/14-Present
We specialize in down-to-earth documentary videos with emotional appeal, ideal for building familiarity and trust. Our service is perfect for emerging Austin companies establishing themselves for a global audience. Clients include the world’s greatest yogurt company, Stonyfield, world-renowned parenting coach, Carrie Contey, Ph.D., and world-famous radio station, 93.3 KGSR. Projects include an award-winning narrative short film, “Future Students Stave The Rainforest,” and a feature-length documentary, “Wild Family.”

Art Director – Watershed 5, i2i Group & Ahstin® | Austin, TX | 8/07-4/14
I produced outstanding marketing campaigns as a director, designer, and writer for local and international brands. Clients I supported include: (1) Schools, e.g. University of Texas and Whole Life Learning Center; (2) Local Businesses, e.g. Mighty Fine Burgers and Multimedia Games; (3) Global Tech Firms, e.g. InXero and CA Technologies. (4) Broadcast Programs, e.g. The Advertising Show and Greenheart TV; and (5) Non-Profits, e.g. American Heart Association and AVANCE. My portfolio includes brand design, corporate video production, graphic design, web design, social media strategy, outdoor advertising, research and reporting, guerrilla marketing, and more.

Web & Graphic Designer – Prizm Development | Dallas, TX | 8/07-8/08
I designed and developed large-scale, top-notch websites and online campaigns, primarily for the healthcare industry. Some of these websites still stand strong today, unchanged after seven years, e.g. Carle Spine Institute. Outside of our healthcare focus, my work included email marketing and business development packages for companies in childcare and hospitality. I also led the brand design and video production for an educational movie series starring tennis coach, Dave Borelli.

Marketing Director – Visual Learning Systems | Missoula, MT | 1/05-5/07
I developed corporate brand campaigns to bring the fledgling software firm into the public spotlight as a leader in the GIS industry. I was a key player in the company’s growth, managing a 200+ page website and a library of interactive tutorials, along with animated videos, press releases, presentations, trade show signs, merchandise designs, packaging, and more. The company’s greatest sign of success is its merger with Overwatch Systems and the Fortune 500 company, Textron.

Formal Education

Master of Arts – University of Texas | Austin, TX | 9/09-5/11
Art director in the Texas Creative sequence, receiving an MA in Advertising. Master’s thesis published by a leading publishing house for academics.

Postgraduate – University of Montana | Missoula, MT | 6/06-12/06
Graduate student in the Digital Filmmaking program, pursuing an MFA in Media Arts.

Bachelor of Arts – Michigan State University | East Lansing, MI | 9/98-5/02
Full-ride scholarship recipient, teaching assistant, and honors graduate. Member of AAF and intramural sports.

Downloadable Resume & References

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Beautiful artistic devotion to every frame.

Family Wild fireside interview with Sarah Francis and Dave Francis in Missoula, MontanaCabe is a tremendous business person in many facets. He has helped me in countless ways to present a digital and physical presence for my business. I feel like my association with him has put me three steps ahead of my competitors and I’m glad to also be able to call him a treasured friend. He is the first person I would recommend to anyone in need of media services. Working with the Wild Family team is truly a treat. They are punctual, professional, and very relaxing to be around. The skill that they bring to all aspects of media really makes this a one stop shop for your needs. Great cinematography, and a beautiful artistic devotion to every frame. The great attitude shown by the staff is just the icing on the cake!

—Dave F., Missoula, Montana

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Pure joy!

Wild Family interview with the Hunter-Thaim family in Austin, TexasWe had the extreme pleasure of working with Wild Family Studio on their Wild Family documentary just last week and it was pure joy! Not only was it a dreamy experience, the professionalism of this crew is flawless. Never in my life have I seen a turn around like this. The first edit of our video was sent to us to view less than a week later! Ahmazing! AND it is so beautifully done. We feel so blessed and fortunate to have a snippet of our lives captured in such a beautiful and creative way and have even scheduled a family video shoot as a gift for the grandparents. Can’t wait! This is a truly inspirational family who is fearlessly following their passions…they will delight and inspire you without a doubt.

—Robin H., Austin, Texas

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Exactly what I wanted!

Wild Family Wedding VideoThe video he delivered (in just 1 week!!) went above and beyond my expectations for a ‘perfect’ video. He was also very understanding and flexible as he worked with our budget for the videography. Cabe delivered a high-quality 8-min video of all the highlights of our wedding reception. Our reception had a LOT going on. The highlights video covered everything starting with the dress-up scenes, the outdoor cocktail hour, choreographed dances, singing and speeches by the guests, the father-daughter dance, cake cutting, the bride and groom’s first dance, and footage from everyone on the dance floor at the end of the night. Not a single detail was missed! I picked the songs to be used in the highlights video. In addition to the highlights video, Cabe provided us with all of the raw footage of the event, which are also super high quality. I’m so glad we can go back and view all the amazing dances and speeches we had that night. Guests that couldn’t make it to the event really enjoyed watching the video and all of them said they actually felt like they were there. That’s exactly what I wanted! We feel so lucky we found Cabe from Wild Family Studio to film our reception. It was such a special evening for us and the beautiful video will help us remember the evening forever.

—Sang N., Austin, Texas

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The videos themselves are stunning!

Family Wild interview with Kat Lindsay, Joe Vertenten, Maddy Vertenten, and Ella Vertenten in Freeport, MaineThe experience of talking and playing and sitting for their interview was lovely… but the videos themselves are stunning! My life is beautiful and I know this, though I sometimes forget. And so, seeing our family and our home through the lens of Kat & Cabe’s thoughtful perspective ~ I am in love with all that we have again. What a delight, to work with beautiful people who evoke all that is wise and wonderful in our collective experience!

—Maddy B., Freeport, Maine

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Fantastic memory now with us forever on video.

Wild Family—Interview with Kiki Yardeni and Kate Lindsay in Dallas, TexasThe Lindsays made me feel at ease in filming. They gave me all the info I needed to prepare. They came to my house with all things needed for a documentary ready to go. And that’s not easy to do given they have a 5 yr old, a toddler, and mom who’s entering into her third trimester! And they filmed in the most natural way. Most of the time, I didn’t even notice the camera was on. The film piece I just saw was so great! It was much more than I expected. Cabe did such a great job catching awesome moments. The lighting and color were amazing. Kat’s interview style had me feeling relaxed. My favorite footage was bike cam on my son’s tricycle. : ) The way he captured us in action, along with dialogue and even stopping to notice the little relics around our house made for the most memorable video of our family and where we are in our lives now. Fantastic memory now with us forever on video. Thank you!!!!

—Kiki Y., Dallas, Texas

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