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Kat Lindsay is a postpartum care provider, holistic health coach, and mother of three

A Prenatal Workshop for Postpartum Wellbeing

Dig the well now to create the support systems you’ll need for you and your family to steep in the after-birth goodness. This is for mamas (and papas!) in their second or third trimester who are beginning to wonder about life beyond pregnancy.

  • The Foundation – covering the practical bases (meals, diapers, house care, sibling care)
  • The Rest Is Just Stuff – what you really need for baby
  • Mama Nectar – nourishing herbs & foods
  • Boob News – breastfeeding basics
  • The Technology Drain – unplugging from social media
  • Calling All Angels – how to ask for what you need
  • The Never-Ending Day – coping with sleeplessness
  • Love Triangle – staying connected to your partner

Kat Lindsay is the Dig The Well workshop leader. She is a postpartum care provider, certified holistic health coach, and mother of three preschoolers. She is joined by Ulrike Schmidt: doula, midwifery assistant to GB Khalsa and mother of two, and Destiny O’Dempsey: passionate doula and musician.

Kat Lindsay is a postpartum care provider, holistic health coach, and mother of three

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Space is limited. Register now by clicking the button you see here, or sending $55 via Paypal to kat@wildfamily.tv. Parenting partners are welcome—inquire about couples registration. Other payment options are available by request.


Event Details

Time / Date: 1-5 pm Saturday, February 21 2015 (calendar)
Place: 1907 Forestglade Dr., Austin, Texas 78745 (map)
Cost: $55
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Why Dig the Well for Your Postpartum Wellbeing?

For You & Your Baby

Dig the well now that will nourish you into your fourth trimester and beyond. We will talk about the nitty gritty and not so pretty yet sacred parts of becoming a mother and living with an infant. We will also do a group ritual for releasing your old identities and stepping into the role of mother. This serves you whether you’re having your first or fourth child.

Build a Practical Plan

There’s no need to scramble for support when you’re in space of overwhelm, as long as you prepare in advance. Digging the well means planning ahead, so you’ll receive the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual support you’ll need when your baby arrives. This way, you can be present with yourself when your baby needs you most.

*Birth professionals encouraged to attend!*

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