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Find Your InnerHum

Work with me, and you’ll gain a sister with genuine empathy. And great credentials! My service is for mothers first. Being of mother of three and a trained doula, my main area of passion and expertise is postpartum care. I’m a certified holistic health coach, trained first-hand by Deepak Chopra, David Wolfe, Sally Fallon, Andrew Weil, John Douillard at Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC.

One-On-One Coaching

With me as your sister in support, you’ll receive the personal attention you deserve. I promise to honor you wherever you’re at in your health, and help you take your life to the next level. You’re ready! We’ll open up and expand together, with loving presence.

Group Workshops

Community building is one of the essential steps in dealing with the pain that comes with parenting, in my experience. My group sessions bring women together to explore health in mind, body, and spirit, with the benefit of community support.

Cooking Classes

Let’s engage all our senses in a culinary celebration! You’ll learn to make meals that are as nourishing as they are mouth-watering. My cooking classes are available to you (and your friends) through Patricia’s Table. And if you prefer, I’m happy to teach in your home kitchen too, for you and/or your group.

Public Relations

Looking for an advocate to speak on your behalf? I’m a natural, and I’m experienced. I’ve held professional interviews with a huge number and variety of people, on camera, during the filming our documentary, Wild Family. Through this experience, I discovered a true talent for verbal communication.

Share Some Love


Here’s a collection of tasty feedback I’ve received, covering my various areas of coaching. My primary focus is first-time mothers, whether they be stay-at-home moms or working women, seeking help in health, in the kitchen, or in another aspect of family life.

"Helped me to be honest with myself."

The well of knowledge Kate has provided me with, food wise, spirit wise, and emotionally has been invaluable. I have struggled around food issues for the majority of my life…we’re talkin’ about 25 years. Her natural ability to ask the thoughtful questions has helped me to be honest with myself about the psychology around my food seems to me a gift she was blessed with. Not to mention the countless recipes and inspiration she’s given me along the way to keep me motivated and in touch with my own heart wisdom…It’s so nice to slowly feel more and more connected to the food I put into my body daily! Thank you, Kate, Wise Woman!

—Raquel Y., Dallas, Texas


Inspirational…Educational…Uplifting…Motivational…Individualized…Empowering…Spiritual. All these words come to mind when I reflect on the time I spent with Kate. I found a deeper understanding of the woman I could be. Body…Mind…Spirit. Thank you, Kate, for sharing your gift with me.

—Patti, Canada

"Her open heart provided a safe place for me to grow."

Kate has a God-given gift of connecting. Her open heart provided a safe place for me to grow. Her insight and patience challenged me to be a better person. Kate took me from a very anxious medicated place…to a place where I could control my thoughts and reach for dreams. I’m grateful for her true intuition. I’m grateful for Kate’s calming spirit!

—Mike J., Austin, Texas

"Changing my diet literally changed my life."

I learned not only how to better feed my body but also how to feed my soul. I never before realized the power of food; changing my diet literally changed my life, for the better. Thank you Kate for your time and wisdom.

—BK, Oregon

"I felt her truly wanting me to succeed."

Kate is supportive, kind, compassionate and caring. At every meeting I felt her truly wanting me to succeed. Thanks, Kate.

—Darlene T., Austin, Texas

"She gets right at the underlying issue."

I think Kate is an excellent listener. She gets right at the underlying issue. She is very gentle and patient with me and amazing at just allowing me to be myself within her space.

—Miriam, Texas

"Helped me set priorities."

I felt that the Divine Mama circle helped me set priorities for the way I want my time with my children and my spouse to be until we meet again next month, which of course means I really need to keep focusing on my own nourishment. I am very excited to have a plan for my own well-being this week.

—Leslie, Austin, Texas

"Incredible model of openness and vulnerability."

Inner-humming has really shown “results.” Besides the 10 pounds I have lost, my cholesterol is down by 30 points just by diet changes!!!! Love you, Kate ‘n Kale! We have really enjoyed the wonderful food you brought into our lives. Kate, you are an incredible model of openness and vulnerability. It is because of you that I have made some pretty important gains in this area. For strengths, I would say: 1. Both your style and the content are great. I love the way you speak with such knowledge and from your heart. My favorite part is when you talk and share.

—Sula H., Austin, Texas

"Forever transformed my relationship with food."

Feed Your Life is a powerful program. It has forever transformed my relationship with food and my body. I lost 17 pounds during the 6 week program and feel more energetic, creative, and spiritual than I have in years. Kate and her guest speakers provided great wisdom, tips, and tools to inspire personal growth. The group setting allowed for support and sharing with other amazing women through the victories, learning experiences, and challenges that we all faced together. I would (and do!) recommend this program to anyone, regardless of where you are on your journey to health and self love.

—Tiara W., Austin, Texas

"Gave me the confidence to remove the fears."

Kate supported me in giving my true core values a voice, and I integrated that into my decision to change careers. She served as a guide, and I got something different out of each session that bloomed from what discussed in our previous sessions. God’s purpose for me is to bounce and bounce high, and Kate gave me the confidence to remove the fears of the unknown, for what I feared was in control until I set those fears free. I am now employed at a job that I love in a way where I can lift my arms to the sky and yell “WEEEE!” Kate’s abilities make her a rare gem! Thank you!!!

—Erin J., Austin, Texas

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