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Raw Food Recipe

🍎 Berry Cream Breakfast – Living Raw Journal Day #1

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This morning’s breakfast was so amazing, I had to have photographic evidence.

We agreed to go raw for 30 days, relying on a book called Living On Live Food. This morning, I wasn’t sure what we’d eat for breakfast, because our old standard (steel cut oats) didn’t fit into the new plan. So I paged through the book and found a recipe for berries and cream.

Raw Food RecipeThis is the original recipe that inspired this morning’s breakfast.

We customized the recipe for our family of five. We used an equal ratio (about 1.5 cups) of four simple ingredients:

  • Bananas
  • Blueberries
  • Cashews
  • Mango (frozen)

Cashews Blueberries and Frozen MangoOur best breakfast ever consisted of the simplest ingredients, and a 5-minute prep time.

In a food processor, I ground the cashews into a fine powder, and then added the frozen mango, blending until smooth and creamy–almost exactly like ice cream! Then I scooped the cool “cream” into bowls, with berries and banana slices. And voila, delicioso!

Interestingly, these living ingredients are so potent and rich that they satisfied each of our appetites with just a tiny amount of ingredients. I mean, our kids typically devour bowl after bowl of cereal, with no end to their hunger. Can you believe what an improvement this is? The two youngest kids even had a bit leftover afterward. This is one of our greatest successes in breakfast so far as a family. Happy campers!

We enjoyed breakfast outside on the porch this morning.

Living Raw

Where are we at in the process of living on raw foods?

We’re newbies. We’ve tried this before, but we hadn’t invested the energy into learning the art of raw food living until just a few days ago. Honestly, until now, we haven’t committed entirely to the vegan way, or even the vegetarianism way. We were “flexitarians,” eating what arrives graciously and lovingly, including an occasional meat as a treat.

So this is officially Day #1 of our “Living Raw” journey. We gave ourselves a gradual introduction to raw food feasts these past few nights, and our bodies are already buzzing! Last night I realized I didn’t need as much sleep, and I woke up feeling alert and refreshed. All raw and rockin!

And Then Something Funny Happened!

We discovered who messed up the blinds in the kids’ bedroom: the cats!!

We thought it was the kids, but early this morning we caught the cats wrestling on the windowsill. When our 4-year-old daughter, Rosalie, saw me recording the cats on camera, she said, “I wanna photo punch it,” meaning she wants to photo bomb the cats. So, she did. 🙂


Cabe and Kat

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