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Benefits of Wedding Films

You’ve spent so much time getting everything ready for your big day. Right from selecting a picturesque venue, rings, caterers, florists, to wedding décor, guest invites, and photographers, you’ve paid attention to every small detail. Then the wedding day goes by fast (too fast). Once the event has passed, many couples wish to remember the details of their experience, which is why modern couples prefer to hire a videographer to make their wedding film.

The Austin videographers at ARISE Video Studio had the pleasure of filming the wedding of Whittney and Jordan in Boulder, Colorado, a few weeks ago.

Wedding videographers have an opportunity to capture more of the wedding story on camera, in a way that surpasses photographs. They are able to record and produce high-resolution films that preserve the memories of voices reciting vows, with moving pictures to show people’s unique mannerisms, and their emotions. Let’s look at some specific benefits of wedding films and why you should invest in one.

1. Capture Your Memories.

Important moments like the bride seeing the groom having a quiet time with his family and groomsmen will never be seen again, unless the video camera is rolling. Likewise, the groom will never know how the bride looked before she walked down the aisle towards him. You both might miss the entrance of your loved ones, their laughter, and tears. All these emotional moments can be viewed together after your wedding so that you can keep these memories alive for a lifetime.

2. Preserve The Meaningful Moments In Motion.

Still photos can only capture a moment in time. You’ll want moving images of your loved ones and candid ones of you sharing a secret smile with your bridesmaids or your siblings. You will be able to hear the speeches that your mom, dad, and friends gave at your wedding. Digital videos allow you to relive these special moments whenever you wish. This way, you can always be reminded of who said and did what during your wedding and functions. Investing in a wedding film is a fantastic way to stay connected with your wedding day.

3. Remember The Voices.

When you hear your favorite song playing, it can trigger a host of feelings and emotions that are otherwise absent in still photos. The sound of the music that played during your first wedding dance can provoke strong positive emotions like love, commitment, and passion. Sound triggers memories that are very powerful.

Married couples can view their wedding film every anniversary, if they choose to, as a renewal of their wedding vows. This may help cement their commitments and sincerity towards each other. The sounds of your voices as you recite your wedding vows help affirm your love to each other. This also helps keep your relationship strong when you both come across hard times that need to be faced together.

4. Share Your Story.

A wedding film is a priceless keepsake, which can be shared with people who missed the event, including future generations. Imagine being able to show your children and grandchildren how you and your spouse started your life together. As your children watch you and their grandparents enjoying themselves and being a part of your wedding, they would also get a feeling of belonging and love when they see both families together.

The flower girls and friends joined for an adorable video moment during the wedding reception, after Whittney and Jordan’s marriage ceremony.

Wedding Films Are Affordable.

Even if you’re on a budget, many videographers and video studios have packages that you can select. These packages may include a specified number of camera operators, the length and style of the video, and other considerations that can bring costs up or down. Choosing the right package can save money while making sure you’re saving your wedding on camera.

If you feel like splurging more some extra bells and whistles, you could hire a cinematographer who also does wedding videos for time capsules. Open these videos with special messages from loved ones (recorded on your wedding day) to be opened on your 25th wedding anniversary. Share this video with everyone present on a large screen TV or a projector so that you can relive your special moments at a family reunion, or another celebratory event.

This also helps bring people closer in case older family members and long distance friends are not physically present.

You could also invest in the newer filming technology like GoPro cameras, drone cameras, and 360-degree cameras to record your wedding from the bird’s eye view, and other angles, as long as you and your partner can be candid while on camera. You wouldn’t want to be distracted by a noisy drone when you’re about to say your vows. Just remember to remain present with your partner, instead of focusing on the cameras, and you and your loved ones will be grateful you entrusted a videographer to record your special day.

by special guest blogger, Katie Jones, of Orla James

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