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Austin Music Lessons - Photos by Wild Family

Tribe Of Rocks Rock Band Camp

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Good news for young rockers! Mr. Louis Ontko, is offering a rock band camp throughout the summer months, for Austin kids, age 7-12. The name of this program is “Tribe Of Rocks,” starting the first Week of June.

Here’s a FREE recording of one of Mr. Louis’ music lessons, with some top secret tips for singers. 🙂

Download Singing Lesson 101 Read More

I Am Yoga - Children's Book, on Wild Family TV

Wildflowers and Whippoorwills

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Haunting and Heavenly

Here in the Austin area, it’s the season for wildflowers and whippoorwills. By the roadsides and in the countryside we see gorgeous green fields full of flowers. The blossoms most abundant right now are called firewheels, Indian blankets, or sundance flowers. They’re the ones with red centers and yellow edges.

In the nighttime, we hear the song of the whippoorwill bird. One night this week, we recorded some whippoorwill calls. A single bird sang repeatedly, a thousand times throughout the night. The whippoorwill appears in numerous legends. In American folklore, the singing of this bird is a death omen. It is said that the whippoorwill can sense a soul departing, and can capture it as it flees. Here, have a listen: