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Family Story

Homeschool Trance Dance - Wild Family Photo

Homeschool Day #1

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Our family’s first day of homeschool began with a sharing circle. Kat introduced the school, the structure, and the intention. Our mission is this: Co-create a school in which we all learn and grow together as a family. During this exercise, Daniel shared a dream, Rosalie spoke of nightmares, and I spoke of some feelings of sadness. Kat encouraged us all to be real with our feelings as we continue moving forward. We all agreed on our first topic of study: the dolphin. Read More

Wild Family Explores The Guide Inside - Wild Family TV #16

The Guide Inside

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The 16th episode of Wild Family TV is called “The Guide Inside.” Here we explore the internal guidance system that is our conscience, a.k.a. heart, moral compass, guardian angel, guiding star, guide, God, Innermost, InnerHum, inner knowing, intuition, natural instincts… Call it what you will. We all have this voice in us, and we all have the choice to listen.

Click Here or press the play button above to view the video. Choose HD quality for optimal viewing. Read More

Austin backyard with Gabriel Lindsay, on the Wild Family TV show

Chudakarana – A Child’s First Haircut Ceremony

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A few weeks ago, our 2-year-old son’s hair was shaggy to the point of falling in his eyes and ​tangling in dreadlocks​​ in the back. ​We had been discussing a ceremonial haircut for some time, thinking it might help him to release some of his emotional baggage. So, on the last full moon, we hosted a special haircutting ceremony ​for Gabriel. Read More