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Community Connection

Blog posts in this category include social gatherings to bring parents, children, and families together. Here, we share the joys of parenting through celebrations with the beloved friends belonging to our growing “greater family.” These events center around the area of Austin, Texas, where we are headquartered.

📷 Angles of the Gem – Austin’s New Central Library

By | Austin Living, Community Connection | One Comment

Our diamond of a city just became even more bright and shiny with our new Central Library. Austin’s new six-story library is filled with natural light that pours through gigantic windows and well-placed clerestories, beaming sunshine into every floor. This makes it a joyous adventure to climb upward, experiencing every level of our library, from the ground floor amphitheater to the rooftop garden. Read More

Halloween 2017 and Día de los Muertos

By | Austin Living, Community Connection, Family Story | No Comments

It feels like our Fall season has brought some fragility to my extended family, just like the falling leaves. Still, there is so much to celebrate, including the life of my dear Auntie Stephanie. We brought the kids to her ranch house on Halloween night, for festivities complete with lions, and honeybees, and bears–oh my!

“Where your heart is, there your treasure is.”

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Austin Music Lessons - Photos by Wild Family

Tribe Of Rocks Rock Band Camp

By | Austin Living, Community Connection, Parent Entrepreneurs | No Comments

Good news for young rockers! Mr. Louis Ontko, is offering a rock band camp throughout the summer months, for Austin kids, age 7-12. The name of this program is “Tribe Of Rocks,” starting the first Week of June.

Here’s a FREE recording of one of Mr. Louis’ music lessons, with some top secret tips for singers. 🙂

Download Singing Lesson 101 Read More

Wild Family Explores The Guide Inside - Wild Family TV #16

The Guide Inside

By | Community Connection, Family Story, The Guide Inside | No Comments

The 16th episode of Wild Family TV is called “The Guide Inside.” Here we explore the internal guidance system that is our conscience, a.k.a. heart, moral compass, guardian angel, guiding star, guide, God, Innermost, InnerHum, inner knowing, intuition, natural instincts… Call it what you will. We all have this voice in us, and we all have the choice to listen.

Click Here or press the play button above to view the video. Choose HD quality for optimal viewing. Read More

Cecily Dennis - Global Sisterhood video by ARISE and Unify

Global Sisterhood

By | Camera Work, Community Connection | No Comments

This is the story of a massive global initiative, embracing all people as family members. The “Global Sisterhood Movement” celebrates all women worldwide as sisters. With this broad embrace of sisterhood comes a call to honor and respect women of all nations and all walks of life, extending peace to all of humanity.

Click Here or press the play button above to view the video. Choose HD quality for optimal viewing. Read More

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