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"Pure joy!"

Wild Family interview with the Hunter-Thaim family in Austin, TexasWe had the extreme pleasure of working with Wild Family Studio on their Wild Family documentary just last week and it was pure joy! Not only was it a dreamy experience, the professionalism of this crew is flawless. Never in my life have I seen a turn around like this. The first edit of our video was sent to us to view less than a week later! Ahmazing! AND it is so beautifully done. We feel so blessed and fortunate to have a snippet of our lives captured in such a beautiful and creative way and have even scheduled a family video shoot as a gift for the grandparents. Can’t wait! This is a truly inspirational family who is fearlessly following their passions…they will delight and inspire you without a doubt.

—Robin H., Austin, Texas

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"The videos themselves are stunning!"

Family Wild interview with Katherine Lindsay, Joe Vertenten, Maddy Vertenten, and Ella Vertenten in Freeport, MaineI have known Kate & Cabe for several years and am no stranger to their delightful artistry in every aspect of their life and livelihood. This summer my family was included in their travels and creation of the Wild Family documentary. The experience of talking and playing and sitting for their interview was lovely… but the videos themselves are stunning! My life is beautiful and I know this, though I sometimes forget. And so, seeing our family and our home through the lens of Kate & Cabe’s thoughtful perspective ~ I am in love with all that we have again. What a delight, to work with beautiful people who evoke all that is wise and wonderful in our collective experience!

—Maddy B., Freeport, Maine

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"Fantastic memory now with us forever on video."

Wild Family—Interview with Kiki Yardeni and Kate Lindsay in Dallas, TexasThe Lindsays made me feel at ease in filming. They gave me all the info I needed to prepare. They came to my house with all things needed for a documentary ready to go. And that’s not easy to do given they have a 5 yr old, a toddler, and mom who’s entering into her third trimester! And they filmed in the most natural way. Most of the time, I didn’t even notice the camera was on. The film piece I just saw was so great! It was much more than I expected. Cabe did such a great job catching awesome moments. The lighting and color were amazing. Kate’s interview style had me feeling relaxed. My favorite footage was bike cam on my son’s tricycle. : ) The way he captured us in action, along with dialogue and even stopping to notice the little relics around our house made for the most memorable video of our family and where we are in our lives now. Fantastic memory now with us forever on video. Thank you!!!!

—Kiki Y., Dallas, Texas

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"Beautiful artistic devotion to every frame."

Family Wild fireside interview with Sarah Francis and Dave Francis in Missoula, MontanaCabe is a tremendous business person in many facets. He has helped me in countless ways to present a digital and physical presence for my business. I feel like my association with him has put me three steps ahead of my competitors and I’m glad to also be able to call him a treasured friend. He is the first person I would recommend to anyone in need of media services. Working with the Wild Family team is truly a treat. They are punctual, professional, and very relaxing to be around. The skill that they bring to all aspects of media really makes this a one stop shop for your needs. Great cinematography, and a beautiful artistic devotion to every frame. The great attitude shown by the staff is just the icing on the cake!

—Dave F., Missoula, Montana

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"Exactly what I wanted!"

Wild Family Wedding VideoThe video he delivered (in just 1 week!!) went above and beyond my expectations for a ‘perfect’ video. He was also very understanding and flexible as he worked with our budget for the videography. Cabe delivered a high-quality 8-min video of all the highlights of our wedding reception. Our reception had a LOT going on. The highlights video covered everything starting with the dress-up scenes, the outdoor cocktail hour, choreographed dances, singing and speeches by the guests, the father-daughter dance, cake cutting, the bride and groom’s first dance, and footage from everyone on the dance floor at the end of the night. Not a single detail was missed! I picked the songs to be used in the highlights video. In addition to the highlights video, Cabe provided us with all of the raw footage of the event, which are also super high quality. I’m so glad we can go back and view all the amazing dances and speeches we had that night. Guests that couldn’t make it to the event really enjoyed watching the video and all of them said they actually felt like they were there. That’s exactly what I wanted! We feel so lucky we found Cabe from Ahstin to film our reception. It was such a special evening for us and the beautiful video will help us remember the evening forever.

—Sang N., Austin, Texas

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