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Wild Family Explores The Guide Inside - Wild Family TV #16

The 16th episode of Wild Family TV is called “The Guide Inside.” Here we explore the internal guidance system that is our conscience, a.k.a. heart, moral compass, guardian angel, guiding star, guide, God, Innermost, InnerHum, inner knowing, intuition, natural instincts… Call it what you will. We all have this voice in us, and we all have the choice to listen.

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What Is The Guide Inside?

“The Guide Inside” is our sense of natural instincts, or self-navigation, allowing us to choose what is strong or weak in our thoughts and actions. We rely on this inner voice in everyday life, whenever we reach forks in the road, questions, twists, and surprises. Parenting is full of unknowns, requiring on-the-fly decision-making every single day. Just for comparison, let’s imagine how mysterious life must be for our kids, with so many questions!

As parents, our kids look to us for answers. And while it feels good to support them in their seeking, it’s very important we admit to them that we don’t know it all. It’s necessary for the kids themselves to be able to gauge what’s right for them, and what’s real and true. We believe we’re doing our family a great service when we enable and encourage our kids to help with the family’s decision-making. For example, we might invite their input for meals, exercise, and sleeping patterns. In this way, we’re practicing listening to the guide inside.

There is a certain level of inner knowing even for a baby brand new to the world. We are all born with inner knowing. Like Jiminy Cricket in the Pinocchio cartoon, the consciousness is with us always, and it gives us each the ability to make strong choices. The trick is to remember to “slow down, check-in, and ask a question,” as we say to our kids when they’re acting frantic. The remedy for “monkey mind” or “reptile brain” is to quiet our thoughts and bring our focus inward. “And always let your conscience be your guide,” as Jiminy Cricket sings.

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How To Nurture The Guide Inside

Our family practices meditation and concentration, in order to quiet our thoughts and prepare for a deeper sense of listening. In this way, we are seeking spiritual guidance, and getting to know our guides, while learning the tools for creative problem-solving. Each of us is developing a better ability to make strong choices.

Also, with all due humility, we recognize that we may look outside of ourselves for guidance. We go to God, in prayers. We feel comforted by the picture of Mother Mary, hanging on our living room wall. And we sing a song to the kids at night, called “Angel Michael In This Moment,” inviting the protection of archangel São Miguel. The angels and guides of the spirit realm are tremendous comforts to us. Our family is finding peace, and other areas of breakthroughs as we learn to “let go and let God,” seeking and finding support from the Most High. Graças a Deus (Thanks to God).

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About Wild Family TV Episode #16

“The Guide Inside” is an episode about inner knowing–one of the core concepts of our film, Wild Family. For the family sharing circle you see here, we invited special guest Allegra Love, who is an immigration lawyer from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Allegra is passionately supporting families, safeguarding them as they arrive in the U.S.A. with many fears and unknowns. Also joining us are Andrea Danburg and her daughter, Willow.

You’ll notice this episode also includes a 3-minute clip from our documentary short film, Standing In Solidarity With The Standing Rock Sioux. This clip is relevant to the theme of this episode, because it features the men, women, and children of the Standing Rock movement, stand strong and connecting together as a “Greater Family,” guided by Spirit. This film is now available to view in its entirety. See Standing In Solidarity.

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