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Innercise – Top Tips for Getting Guidance

Amira Glickman - Global Sisterhood video by ARISE and Unify

Guidance. People want it. You probably want it if you are reading this. And I definitely want it. Let’s be real. We all need it. Here is a short list of my current top tips for getting guidance.

By Amira Glickman

We all, regardless of how conscious we are of this desire, yearn to be in the presence, and more importantly, felt care of the One to Whom We Belong. We yearn for our lives to be in essential harmony with that which animates the most subtle and sacred aspects of ourselves. We tenderly and devotedly burn for our lives to feel congruent, meaningful and true. We come from the Source and, at some essential level, will accept guidance from no other.

This is another way of saying that we need a very, very big ass break from living a life where our consciousness hyper-engages with our disembodied intellect and gut centered engine of personal will – both of which are probably extremely tired and frustrated as all-get-out from over-performing and still not satiating this more spiritual subtle longing. Our mind and personal drive, God(dess) bless them both, tend to (re)act without much fresh consciousness. Right? Right.

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Four Reminders For Inner Guidance Seekers

  1. Prioritize finding sources in your life where the inner life is valued, experienced and articulated. In other words, seek friends, art and artists, experiences, interviews, YouTube clips, WHATEVER where the mysterious sacred is articulated and registers within you. If you are stumped, set the intention every morning or night for reminders to gently appear in your daily life. If you need more help…email me and we can work together to devise a more specialized plan. I am serious. awglickman@gmail.com
  2. Guidance can only be received if your consciousness resides more inside your body than not. So get in the habit of noticing and remembering the particular ways you bring yourself into an embodied equilibrium. Be it nature, music, dance, hiking, biking, water, good conversation… What are ways you healthfully return back home to your physical body?
  3. Remind yourself that receiving guidance is NOT something that’s static, constant and permanent. But rather, guidance can be understood as a dynamic, unfolding, mysterious relationship of hide-and-seek. So don’t be hard on yourself when you are in hiding. You will be. That’s just part of it. Seeking will return.
  4. Build up a practice of sitting in silence. Not sexy and also terribly, terribly obvious. Sitting in silence is the GD foundational practice of making yourself receptive. Becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable is a super power. Trust me on this one!

About The Author

Amira Glickman currently spends most of her time mothering a 2 1/2-year-old. She is also co-creating IN THE GARDEN FARM, a biodynamic farm and small retreat center in East Austin. Other noteworthy accomplishments and talents include: a very deep and motivating desire to be a friend of God, being honest, being funny, co-creating the first and possibly only feminist synchronized swim team called the H2Hos, being named BEST PERSONALITY: GIRL in 8th grade, co-leading young adult retreats in both the US and Europe, and participating in spiritual group and individual retreats for over 20 years.

If you’re in Austin, check Amira out at Innercise!, her monthly class which explores the Divine mysteries of the inner life through sacred readings, breath practice and contemplative inquiry. It meets every second Sunday from 3-4:30 p.m. at Transform Fitness, 1909 Wheless Ave., Austin, TX, 78723.

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