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Wild Family is a film about families pursuing their passions, with the Orvis family in Bountiful, Utah

The 18th episode of Wild Family TV is called “Mom Moments.” It’s an early celebration of Mother’s Day, with video interviews about motherhood. This episode launched on May 10, 2017.

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Wild Family Video Interviews Featuring Amazing Moms

“We’re On An Adventure”

Lucia Earle-Higgins and her son, Miro, are adventurers. The two of them arrived in the United States after crossing the Atlantic on a small hand-built wooden boat, from South Africa. Lucia has an affinity for boats, as evidenced by her paintings. She sees life as an adventure, and family as one of life’s greatest journeys.

Family Wild interview with Lucia Higgins and Katherine Lindsay in Fennville, Michigan

Cecily Dennis, Austin Parent Entrepreneur - Video Interview By Wild Family Studio

Her First Gig Is Motherhood. Her Second Is Shiatsu Massage.

Cecily Dennis is a mother, most importantly. During the days when she offers chair massage at Whole Foods, and elsewhere, Cecily brings her daughter with her to work. Her practice of integrated body work and shiatsu massage is designed to be family-oriented. By allowing her child to watch her work, Cecily’s daughter learns the mother’s way of nurturing people.

Parenting Models Are Not For Everyone

Laura Thompson-Brady speaks about the attachment parenting model. She’s discovered the importance of community support with her family life, relying on the help of neighbors, friends, extended family. In the beginning, she researched the various parenting models, but dropped the idea of doing things “by the book” after discovering her own unique ways of growing together as a family.

Family Wild interview with Katherine Short, Laura Thompson Brady, and Damian Brady in Hallowell, Maine

Family Wild interview with Katherine Lindsay, Joe Vertenten, Maddy Vertenten, and Ella Vertenten in Freeport, Maine

Humor, Honesty, And Humility

Maddy Vertenten’s family engages passionately in outdoor activities. She recognizes the beauty of “Family Time,” which often includes trips together to the seaside, walks in the forest, and gardening. She shares her thoughts on the successes of her family life: similar visions for connection. And she speaks of the power of an apology.

Hands-Off Parenting

After ten years in the corporate world, Pamela Whittaker-Orvis first took the logical, fact-based route to child conception. It was her attempt to start a family the businesswoman way. But her journey into parenting was a difficult one, with seven years worth of failed attempts to conceive a child. During that time, she experienced dark emotions, and questions about her womanhood. Fortunately for her and her children, she eventually bloomed as a mother.

Family Wild interview with Katherine Lindsay and Pamela Whittaker Orvis in Bountiful, Utah

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