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Exploring And Finding New Ways To Raise Kids

Wild Family is a feature-length documentary by the husband-and-wife team of Cabe and Kat Lindsay. This film demonstrates the ways parents today are building relationships with their kids by bringing passion and presence into family life. Wild Family is educational and entertaining, blending in-depth interviews with candid footage of 40 families in their natural settings, showcasing a broad range of parenting possibilities.

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  The Filmmakers

During the summer of 2014, our family of five ventured across 26 states on a two-month film tour, where we met a variety of families, interviewed them, and documented our findings. We crafted the stories we recorded into a powerful message of love and lightness, taking the form of a feature-length film about passion and presence in parenting. Our devotion to movie-making and family life combined to create Arise Video Studio, a video production company in Austin, Texas.

  The Story

A family of five breaks free from the status quo and learns how to follow their natural instincts. They find guidance by going inward and going outside. Through interviews and outdoor adventures with a colorful variety of 40 families, they explore and expose the truth about modern-day family life: passion leads to abundance; self-care is essential for success; kids learn best through observation; parents can learn a great deal from their kids… See the film and see for yourself.

  The Answers

Wild Family answers the following questions: 1. How are parents continuing to pursue their passions, even in the thick of parenting? 2. How are parents nurturing their kids’ interests, as they begin to explore the world? 3. How does a connection with nature foster and deepen this relationship to a person’s calling in life? We believe it’s possible for parents to navigate their hearts’ desires while helping their kids to do the same. We believe this film helps show us the way.

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