Music Playlists – Kid-Friendly Music Mixes

Wild Family music playlists are curated by parents, and approved by kids. Assuming you enjoy the music you hear here, we highly recommend the following recording artists, all of whom appear in the Wild Family film soundtrack: Melissa Gail Klein, Destiny O’Dempsey, Susan Lincoln, Antero, and Valerie Dee Naranjo.

“Mountain Folks” – Music Hour #1

“Mountain Folks” Playlist On Spotify

“Campfire Chills” – Music Hour #2

“Campfire Chills” Playlist On Spotify

“Wonder Working” – Music Hour #3

“Wonder Working” Playlist On Spotify

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“Trance Dance” – Music Hour #4

“Trance Dance” Playlist On Spotify

“Instrumental Notes” – Music Hour #5

“Instrumental Notes” Playlist On Spotify

“Frontier Romance” – Music Hour #6

“Frontier Romance” Playlist On Spotify

  Wild Family – The Film

Radical Parenting Tips from 40 Families.

The documentary feature film, Wild Family, demonstrates the ways parents today are building relationships with their kids by bringing passion and presence into family life. Wild Family is entertaining and educational, blending in-depth interviews with candid footage of 40 families in their natural settings, showcasing a broad range of conscious parenting styles.

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“Rockin’ Rockies” – Music Hour #7

“Rockin’ Rockies” Playlist On Spotify

“Country Folks” – Music Hour #8

“Campfire Chills” Playlist On Spotify

“Experimentation” – Music Hour #9

“Experimentation” Playlist On Spotify