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Natural Wellbeing

Blog posts in this category include self-care strategies, home remedies, recipes, and articles about health and wellness, all with a focus on families. Here, we highlight the importance of outdoor recreation as it relates to parenting. This is a common theme in our documentary feature film, Wild Family.

Homeschool Trance Dance - Wild Family Photo

Homeschool Day #1

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Our family’s first day of homeschool began with a sharing circle. Kat introduced the school, the structure, and the intention. Our mission is this: Co-create a school in which we all learn and grow together as a family. During this exercise, Daniel shared a dream, Rosalie spoke of nightmares, and I spoke of some feelings of sadness. Kat encouraged us all to be real with our feelings as we continue moving forward. We all agreed on our first topic of study: the dolphin. Read More

Austin backyard with Gabriel Lindsay, on the Wild Family TV show

Chudakarana – A Child’s First Haircut Ceremony

By | Family Story, Natural Wellbeing, Parenting Styles, The Guide Inside | 2 Comments

A few weeks ago, our 2-year-old son’s hair was shaggy to the point of falling in his eyes and ​tangling in dreadlocks​​ in the back. ​We had been discussing a ceremonial haircut for some time, thinking it might help him to release some of his emotional baggage. So, on the last full moon, we hosted a special haircutting ceremony ​for Gabriel. Read More

Family Sharing Circle 360-Degree Video - Wild Family Photo

Love Is

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Right on time for Valentine’s Day, the 15th episode of Wild Family TV is called “Love Is.” Here we explore the meaning of love, as it relates to parenting, partnership, and personhood. This show touches on multiple aspects of love: devotion, belonging, connection, kinship, kindness…

Click Here or press the play button above to view the video. Click-and-drag any area on the 360-degree video screen to interact with what you see. Choose 4K quality for optimal viewing. Read More

Boy with a Bubble Machine - Wild Family Photo

Be The Love You’re Looking For

By | Community Connection, Family Story, Natural Wellbeing | One Comment

by Kat Lindsay

When I first moved to Austin in 2009 I was a single mom of a 5-month-old son. My good friend Julie had invited me to move in with her, to help me raise Daniel. You know how it is as a new mom. You don’t really know what you’re getting into by having a baby. And depending on the day, you can be drowning in an ocean of unknowns–hormones, late nights, early mornings, diapers, spit up and this new life I didn’t recognize as my own.

Read More

Wild Family Filmmakers: Cabe, Kat, Gabriel, Daniel, and Rosalie

“Best of Season One!” – Wild Family TV Show #13

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The “Best of Season One!” highlights our favorite video creations from the first year of Wild Family TV. Memorable moments include a documentary short film about life and the afterlife, a stop-motion animated short film about a wild goose chase, video interviews featuring some of the raddest families on the planet, plus our popular “Liquid Gold Ghee” recipe demo in Kat’s Kitchen.

Click Here or press the play button above to view the video. Choose HD quality for optimal viewing. Read More

Wild Family mom and kids at home

When Life With Littles Gets Totally Gross

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In the past 5 months our family has dealt with: pinworms, lice, maggots, ant-infestation, and cloth diaper blow-outs, to name a few.

Most of the time. A lot of the time, our life with little people is magical, mysterious, challenging yes, but still full of enough wonder to keep our spirits high. And then there are times when the material-ness of life hits us full force. Like in-your-face gross. I have to give Cabe and me a huge high-five for handling all this disgusting real-life stuff with grace and humor. There are definitely times when I’ve had to straight-up swallow down the acid rising in my throat (maggots were by far the worst). Read More

Tiffany Paul, Holistic Parenting Coach - Video Interview By Wild Family Studio

Your Family Happier

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“I believe that we can change the world by being better parents,” says Tiffany Paul.

Her holistic parenting coaching service is called Your Family Happier. In her video interview with Wild Family Studio, she discusses the paradigm shift she sees in families today, noting the conscious parenting movement in which parents are breaking away from the heavy-handed parenting models they were raised with in order to choose something more gentle and respectful. Tiffany and her business are featured in the movie series, Austin Parent Entrepreneurs.

Click Here or click the arrow above to see the continuation of the Wild Family movie series, Austin Parent Entrepreneurs, featuring Tiffany Paul, holistic parenting coach. Choose HD quality for optimal viewing. Read More

Summer Family Road Trip Thrival Guide

By | Family Story, Natural Wellbeing, Parenting Styles, The Guide Inside, Wild Family Film | No Comments

What’s our recommendation for keeping kids happy during a long-term road trip? Nature. Last summer, we took the kids swimming off the coast of Maine. We also took them hiking in Great Smoky Mountains, camping in the Catskills, berry picking in Michigan, sight-seeing in Yellowstone, and chasing the sunset at White Sands… We enjoyed time in nature almost every day during our two-month Wild Family Film Tour, and we still found time to visit 26 states and interview 40 families.

What Do We Recommend For Kids During A Long Car Ride?

Read More

WIld Family photo work with Rosalie and Kat Lindsay at the 2015 One Love Music Festival in Austin, Texas

Ride The Crazy

By | Natural Wellbeing | No Comments

“Ride The Crazy” (I want that on a T-shirt!) is a mantra that I am now carrying forward into everyday life.

by Kat Lindsay

As I was preparing for my first Dig the Well workshop this past Saturday I started feeling panicky. I was low on sleep and admittedly a bit behind in preparing the handouts, the food, the baby… Then the printer got finicky. The baby started crying. The car wasn’t packed. There was too much to do, too little time, and I was feeling scattered. And scared. I started doubting myself, and my ability to lead a workshop, and OMG! I have only an hour before I need to be there to lead the F-ing workshop! I told Kabirin, “I should just cancel the workshop!” And I added excuses: “I’m not ready yet. It’s too soon after having a baby. And look, he’s too fussy; I won’t be able to talk over his crying.”

“Ride the crazy,” my husband said to me. I was taken aback. “Ride the crazy,” he repeated, in a tone that was both firm and tender. This was a striking message to me, inviting me into the flow of my own madness. He held me by the shoulders, looked at me with love in his eyes and said, “Go nurse the baby. I’ll make lunch. The papers can wait. Put that down.” Read More

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