Radical Parenting Tips – In-Depth Interviews With Rad Moms and Dads

We are parents. Our kids are our top priorities. And after that, we are Grammy-nominated musicians, sailors, painters, trailblazers, firefighters, life coaches, professors, dancers, romancers, raw foodists, restauranteurs, entrepreneurs, farmers, rock climbers, yogis, massage therapists, and more. We are a growing number of “radical parents,” and we are ready to rock this parenting thing!

Be The Teacher. Be The Student.” —Brandy Tuttle
Reinforce The Child’s Self-Worth” —Sorange Castillo
Share Your Work With Your Kids.” —Misty Odom
Include Kids In Sacred Ceremony.” —Brian & Stephanie Roughton
Imagine.” —Isaac Clay & Courtney Taylor

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Trust Your Inner Knowing.” —Carrie Contey, Ph.D.
Balance Your Needs With Their Needs.” —Nicholas Lawrence
Work Your Interests Into Their Lives.” —Catlin Nell & Terry Lancaster
Stand Up To Them. Stand Up For Them.” —Whittney Lindsay
Trust What Feels Right.” —Laura Thompson-Brady & Damian Brady
Value What They Have To Say.” —Dave Francis
Encourage Passionate Pursuits.” —Scott & Kayla Johnson
Surrender To The Shifts.” —Kat Lindsay

  Wild Family – The Film

Radical Parenting Tips from 40 Families.

The documentary feature film, Wild Family, demonstrates the ways parents today are building relationships with their kids by bringing passion and presence into family life. Wild Family is entertaining and educational, blending in-depth interviews with candid footage of 40 families in their natural settings, showcasing a broad range of conscious parenting styles.

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Choose To Be Your Best.” —Steve Miller
Keep On Moving Forward.” —Lindsey Lieneck
“Find Harmony In The Present Moment.” —Ross Carnes
Go Outdoors More.” —Shelli Johnson
Function Heart-First. Head-Next.” —Ron Peckham
Allow The Kids To Be Themselves.” —Stu & Adrianna Ross
Make It An Adventure.” —Lucia Earle-Higgins
Encourage Artful Activities.” —Wylie & Bailey Jones
Allow For Divine Alignment.” —Kaysha & Jared Mangum
Create Ample Space And Time.” —Stacy Wells
Make Learning Fun.” —Terri Sperry