Be Well Bee - book cover of the children's book written and illustrated by Cabe Lindsay

Be Well Bee

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Be Well Bee is the beeloved children's book written and illustrated by Cabe Lindsay.

Product Description

Bzzzreeheee! Every individual has a place of bee-longing in this world as well as a calling in life. In this book, a remarkable honey bee realizes her destiny, when she learns about a lily on the verge of extinction. She’ll do everything in her power to pollinate the flower: dashing past frog tongues, zooming through lightning storms, and climbing a mountain on her way to save the day.

The Be Well Bee children’s book is written and illustrated by Cabe Lindsay. Cabe is the parent of three preschoolers and co-founder of Wild Family TV. This is the fourth edition of his debut children’s book, first published in Fall 2015, available here in the paperback edition. A limited number of first-edition hardcovers, released on May 14, 2013, are available for sale upon Request, directly from the Lindsay family. You can also find the paperback and ebook versions of this story on, and elsewhere. Visit for more information.


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