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Wild Family – The Feature Film

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A Film About Passion & Presence In Parenting.

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Plot Outline: The parents of preschoolers leave home on a mission to find guidance in raising their children. They travel across the U.S.A., searching for help through in-depth interviews and outdoor adventures with 40 families.

Plot Summary: Eight-months pregnant with their third child, the parents of three preschoolers venture across the U.S.A., seeking new ways to raise kids and documenting their findings. On the road for two months long, they record stories with 40 families, and create one of their own. In this way, their journey reveals a broad spectrum of parenting styles, showing the way to bring passion and presence into parenting.

The Story Behind The Movie: Wild Family is the debut feature-length documentary by the husband-and-wife team of Cabe and Kat Lindsay. When a series of life situations left them feeling scattered, and on the verge of separation, they joined forces to find out how other families handle the hard parts of parenting. They took their kids on the road for two months, documenting various families in their natural settings, discovering a broad range of conscious parenting possibilities. Their film demonstrates the ways parents today are building relationships with their kids, empowering families to grow together as a whole.

NOTE: As of March 2016, the Wild Family DVD is released and available for purchase directly from co-creators Cabe Lindsay and Kat Lindsay. DVDs are also available for purchase on and other online retailers.

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